Monday, August 16, 2010

Wherein I Discuss Reasons for Needing a Second Job

Yipes!  Owning a house is expensive! 

Emily & I painted the living room walls & ceiling this weekend, as well as about half of the kitchen.  It looks great!  But anyone who tells you that painting is a "cheap" or "affordable" way to decorate, well...I guess it's all relative.  But paint (and brushes and trays and rollers) adds up, lemme tell ya.

And I bought a bunch of new clothes at the thrift store Sacks of Bozeman on Saturday.  Size 8.  Thank you, thank you very much!  All the clothes are great brands and look great and my grand total was $34.  I got 1 pair of shorts, 3 shirts, and 4 pairs of pants.  Yay! I heart Sacks.

And I went to Costco and got supplies for the upcoming trip to SD.  I'm going to be short on cash, but I won't starve to death.

So when I get back, I'll be looking for a job for the weekends.  I'm doing some editing work for a friend, which is great, but it won't pay much.  I need something a little more consistent and lucrative.  I see the Dawg House in Livingston is looking for weekend help.  But I'm hoping something at a little coffee hut opens up.  Wish me luck!  Mamma's gotta buy some more new clothes!  And paint.  And new wiring for the house.  And food.

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