Monday, August 10, 2009

Just another Manic Monday--Woah-Oh!

Ruffers kept me up pretty much all night last night. Not by snoring or running in his sleep or needing to go out every 5 minutes or any of the things you might think. No...he kept me awake by FARTING the WORST FARTS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!! They brought tears to my eyes even when my eyes were CLOSED!!! That dog is DISGUSTING!!!!!!

I have a new and weird love for washing dishes. I don't know where it came from, but I'm hoping it's not fleeting.

My friend Jerry and I had lunch on Friday--his last day in Bozeman. I feel bad that I didn't let him pick where we went. But I'm selfish that way. Hopefully his family is all moved into their new sweet house in Hamilton. Sounds like a great place. And it has a stream and garden and orchard on 2 acres, so if the global economy finally collapses and anarchy rules the world, they'll survive. Yay!

I found 2 people who really, really want to dogsit Ruffers since I may be gone 4 of the 8 weeks in Sept/Oct. I won't tell them about the farts.

I had to turn the heat on in the jeep on the way to work this morning, and a light to help me get dressed. It's like watching a loved one slowly die. Summer! Hang on, buddy!

I finally talked to Andrew the other night. He's much nicer than I remembered him being from those last hellacious days at work. He thinks I'll be Supt. of Yellowstone someday.

I worked 5.15 hours of overtime yesterday. I feel a combination of holy righteousness (even though I broke the Sabbath) and petulant martyrdom.

My friend Emma won Reserve Champion with her black angus 4-H steer, Julio, at the Park County Fair this weekend. I'm so proud!

I know 7 women that have either just given birth or are currently pregnant. Seriously, people. Knock it off. My clock can't take this much peer pressure.