Saturday, March 14, 2009

Decisions, Decisions


or this...

The funniest stuff on the web...






Personal favorites: Naked Mohawk-Baby Carrot Jockeys and "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" Solid gold, folks.

I was just laughing so hard that Ruffers woke from his nap and came over to see if I was ok.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Goals for weekend...

  1. Study for Comps
  2. Eat ice cream
  3. Take Ruffers for 2 long walks
  4. Wash Dishes
  5. Study for Comps
  6. Listen to radio
  7. Watch some netflix
  8. Study for Comps
  9. Work on professional paper
  10. Study for Comps
  11. Make weekly trash run
  12. Study for Comps
  13. Sleep
  14. Study for Comps

(My hope is that if I say it enough times, I'll actually get some studying done.)

I heart postcards

I just cataloged 4 of the coolest postcards I've ever seen. They're "real photo" postcards, which means that someone took pictures and then stamped the postcard format on the back, and oila--you have a postcard! These were of a roof fire at the Yellowstone admin building back in 1911. The sender, Frank, was one of the firefighters & put a little "x" over himself in each picture so that Miss Frany in Tacoma, WA would know which one he was. Frank signs each card w/ "hugs", "kisses," or "love." AAAAwwww!!! Pretty cute, especially for 1911!

That Dumb Dog

After months of good health, Ruffers has slid downhill again and has been getting sick every other day for the last few weeks. Frustrating? Yes. Infuriating? Yes...especially at 3 am when he needs out. And then at 3:25...and 4:10...and 4:40...and 5:06...and 5:15. And if I leave him out, he just barks. A loud, high-pitched, panicky bark that wakes not only me, but the whole neighborhood. I am sleep-deprived and resentful. Not a good combo. At least it's Friday! Yay! Dollars-to-donuts, he won't be sick again till Monday night, just when I'm trying to gear up for the new week. Blast!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ssshhh! I'm hunting jobs!

I have had a job, of one kind or another, since I was 14 years old. I have never had any trouble finding work. And not just any old jobs. I've had some pretty cool ones. Like groom, team leader at indoor playground, camp nature specialist on Cape Cod, Electronic Communications Specialist for a non-profit, Web Coordinator for a university, and now museum tech in Yellowstone National park, to name some of the better jobs. But I've put 19 resumes out into the world, and not a single nibble. I obsess over email. I compulsively check my phone, except on the days I leave it at home in a not-so-sneaky way of reverse psychology tricking someone into calling me. I've been turned down by two, but the other 17 are silent as the grave. COME ON, PEOPLE! The closing dates have just closed on several, and a few more are coming up soon. Hopefully, I'll hear something soon. So I can stop panicking. And obsessing. And trying reverse psychology, which is just silly anyway.


Heavens, I love how self-indulgent this whole blog thing is. It's all about me, me, me. That's awesome. And if you think I'm kidding...I'm not.

Well Hello There!

Not that I reallly think my life is so epic. However, my friend Hali, after listening to me describe the horrendous search for housing near Yellowstone National Park last spring, exclaimed in subdued awe..."Alicia...your life is so epic!" (Because that's what my real name is and that's what most people still call me--Allie's just an affectation) And I haven't forgotten since then to look at my life as interesting. Because is there anything worse than boring? And I don't mean that I color my hair or body weird colors or put a bunch of metal in my face and dance by the light of the moon. I'm not that kind of interesting. But I think (hope) that my life is interesting in a American comedy/drama normal kind of way.

For instance. I live two blocks from Yellowstone National Park. I have a one-eyed dog named Ruffers (because dogs go "Ruff-Ruff"). On Tuesday, I vaccuumed both a bald eagle and a bison. The bison has a much nicer mohawk now.