Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This has been a big year for me, during which two of my life-long dreams have come true.  First, in February I had the surgery that "fixed" all my medical problems, changing me from an exhausted, dispirited, and likely short-lived woman to one with lots of energy, a new interest in life, a medicine-free existence and a nice little figure (if I do say so myself).  It's close to a miracle how much my life has changed in the last six months and I am thankful for it every day.  Second, I bought my first house in July.  I've looked at hundreds of houses and I love mine.  It's cute, full of charm, and perfect for me and Ruffers. 

But even before this year, I marvel at how blessed I am with my dreams coming true.  I got my Master's degree after years of fiddling around with the idea.  I got my jobs in Yellowstone.  Even before that, I moved to brother moved to Montana...I've have had great friendships...I bought my dream a dog...worked with great summer jobs that allowed me to visit far-away life is really a succession of fulfilled dreams.

So, what's left?  What are my next dreams?  The big one, of course, is to fall in love and marry.  I want a family of my own.  That's what I've been praying about most, lately.  Other dreams revolve around trips to faraway lands, meeting back up with friends around the world, becoming a real part of a community, and continuing to make a difference in my professional life.  Based on my track record, I look forward to these and even more dreams coming true.  Ain't life grand?

And now for the downer.  There's new snow in the mountains and I had to close the windows in the house and add an extra blanket to the bed last night.  That's just plain ridiculous. 

Also, for those keeping track...I love Trident gum. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Fair Photo

The Midway was beautiful with the almost-full moon rising.

Vacation Photos

The best ride at any fair.

Lane teaching Emily the fine art of firing a S&W .357

Full Moon on the Prairie

Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm back!

I'm back from vacation.  It's kind of nice to be back in the office.  It was VERY nice to get back to my house and my own bed. 

Highlights of the trip:
  • Dinner at the Deadwood Social Club, during which I received a lovely call from a nice gentleman
  • Spending time with the Murphy and Fischer families
  • Central States Fair--pig wrestling, petting cows, looking at crafts, riding the swings, talking to a nice gentleman
  • Spending the day feeding bison & elk, shooting guns (and prairie dogs), eating a huge dinner, and spending time with a nice gentleman
  • Long evening walks
  • Picking buffaloberries
  • Full moon
  • Naps
  • Playing Yahzee & Uno
Overall, a very nice trip.  It's good to be home.