Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well Hello There!

Not that I reallly think my life is so epic. However, my friend Hali, after listening to me describe the horrendous search for housing near Yellowstone National Park last spring, exclaimed in subdued awe..."Alicia...your life is so epic!" (Because that's what my real name is and that's what most people still call me--Allie's just an affectation) And I haven't forgotten since then to look at my life as interesting. Because is there anything worse than boring? And I don't mean that I color my hair or body weird colors or put a bunch of metal in my face and dance by the light of the moon. I'm not that kind of interesting. But I think (hope) that my life is interesting in a American comedy/drama normal kind of way.

For instance. I live two blocks from Yellowstone National Park. I have a one-eyed dog named Ruffers (because dogs go "Ruff-Ruff"). On Tuesday, I vaccuumed both a bald eagle and a bison. The bison has a much nicer mohawk now.

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