Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I couldn't sleep on the bus this morning.  Instead, I built castles in the air around my latest crush.  I've got a pretty good fictional future going for myself, I gotta say.  He called me out of the blue last night to finalize some details about my visit there next week.  I love surprises like that.  The phone rings and you assume it's some telemarketer or something and BOOM--it's a very funny, interesting, and attractive man who's calling to see what day you're coming over because his parents want to delay their vacation so they can see you.  (no, he doesn't still live with his parents.  but they're nearby.  and they love me.  it's a ranching community--visitors are a big deal out there.)  I was able to sleep last night after the conversation, but my brain was ready to obsess over it this morning and just wouldn't shut off.  Besides, daydreaming is much more fun than actual sleeping.

Oh--the meeting with the Superintendent went very well.  Yay!  We have another one tomorrow.  Heady days.

It's dark in the mornings now almost until I get to work.  Summer is leaving us, the jerk.  Just when I was starting to feel all comfortable and sure of it, it starts packing its bags.  Typical.

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