Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Hunter

Orion the Hunter greeted me this morning as I opened my eyes from a deep bus-coma.  He was striding across the sky above and seemed to wave to me while he continued on his journey and I smiled in recognition.  I miss him during the summer months; he's my favorite constellation and seeing him again in the fall is one of those rituals that I have come to look forward to.  But take note--it was so dark when I got to work this morning, the stars were really, really bright.

So I didn't paint my entire bedroom last weekend as I had planned to.  No, I went to Plan G.  I decided that I'd rather wait til my mom visits next summer and we can do a big decoration project on the whole room.  In the meantime, I painted the fireplace and moved in.  It's much quieter back there and I love the view from the windows.  It's the biggest bedroom I've ever had, so sleeping with that much space around me is really nice, somehow. 

I think it looks pretty good.  I'm not crazy about the blue walls, but I can live with them until early next summer.  I love my new room.

1 comment:

  1. I love yellow and blue together. It looks pretty from the picture. Not a bad interim color. Orien is my favorite constellation too. I didn't know it was yours. I think it is because it is always so easy to spot - and it gives me comfort to know he is so reliably up there.