Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yellowstone Lake

Stacey and I drove down to Lake yesterday morning to attend the Employee Safety Committee.  We really enjoy these trips because it gets us into the park and we laugh the entire way there and back.  Yesterday, the bison were in rut in Hayden Valley.  There was traffic backed up for miles in the afternoon, but wasn't too bad in the morning.

The bison rut is fun to see because the females pretty much go about, business as usual.  But the males!  Oh, they're in a tizzy.  They fight.  They pee on the ground and then roll in it.  They grunt and bellow and run around after the females with a noticeable intensity.  All this is happening close to, or on, the road so it's a great opportunity to observe wildlife behavior, up close and personal-like.

The rest of the drive was really nice.  Lots of fireweed over Dunraven and near Tower.  The sun was shining and it was good to be on the road. 

In other news, Kelli came down to see the baby squirrel yesterday, so she, Manda, Tom, and Bonnie & I went to the Sport for dinner last night and then sat on the porch for a bit.  Kelli really liked my house!

Today's my "Friday" since I work 4-10's, although I'll be putting in a full day tomorrow in Bozeman.  I hope to get the living room painted in the house this weekend, and more of the kitchen cupboards.  I want to get more settled since next weekend I leave on vacation!  Yahoo!

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