Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Smokin Rockets

This morning outside the building, looking NE

This has been one crazy week.  Smokin rockets.  And in about 1/2 an hour, I'm off to Lake to attend the Employee Safety Committee meeting.  I'm the recorder.  Love it.  Luckily, my friend Safety Stace and I solve all the park's problems during our monthly drives to these meetings, which is an added bonus.  Happily, besides the true importance of safety in the park, we get to drive through the Hayden Valley bison rut, which should be quite a spectacle.  I hope to get some good pictures as we get stuck in bison jams!  And of course, other than the ranch, Lake is my favorite place in the world.

So last night after work I went over to Manda's to see her new pet--a 5 week old baby squirrel!!!!  Oh my gosh.  That thing is adorable.  It crawled all over me.  She rescued it from Aggie the dog on Sunday and it has imprinted on her--she never tried to catch it; it just came running up her leg all the way to her shoulder and went to sleep under her hair on the back of her neck!  What a crazy little fella!  Actually, that's his name--"Little Fella."  So anyway, he's adorable and Aggie is freaking out because now that squirrel's actually in the house.  The sky is falling in Aggie's world.

10 Days til Vacation; Emily, Jessi, and I are going to the ranch and the Central States Fair in Rapid City.  We'll be gone a whole week.  YES!

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