Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So, I'm still working 2 jobs.  Still trying to get stuff done on the new house.  Still trying to be creative on some level in the few hours I have that are "free."

New things:
  • Some kind of terrible imbalance where I'm hungary and irritable (watch out, Ruffers and Lucy and Mom) pretty much all the time and feel like I'm constantly ready to *snap*.  It reminds me of riding really high-strung show horses.  And my arms are getting tired from holding onto the reins.
  • Still waiting to hear about a possible promotion in my job.  Keep praying.
  • I've started jogging!  I'm up to about 3 miles/day, although it's been tough since we  had a horrendous snow storm last week.  Please, people: SHOVEL YOUR SIDEWALKS BEFORE I KILL MYSELF IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE!  Thank you.
  • 2 authors whom I'm loving, loving, loving: Susan Hill and Christopher Fowler.  Wonderful mysteries!  Almost as good as my beloved Charles Todd.
That's it.  I'm so ready to go home for Christmas.  2 blessed weeks in sunny San Antonio, TX.  I feel calmer just thinking about it.  Hopefully I can get through the ensuing 18 days without killing any puppies.  Or my career.  Or my poor sainted mother.  Who I love very, very much.

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