Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Office

Gosh, it seems like all I do these days is move.  This move, though, should take considerably less time.  I'm moving into my new office today!  Yay!  I am very excited to finally have my own space, where I can close the door to make calls and I can actually concentrate while I'm editing stuff.  And I'll no longer be mistaken for the office receptionist.  These are all really good things. 

I went home last night and took Ruffers for a quick walk around downtown Livingston, looking at shop windows to see if anyone had any "Help Wanted" signs.  No one did.  But it was a beautiful evening--in the upper 60s and no wind.  We stopped at one house down the block to let a small child--maybe 2 years old--pet Ruffers.  The kid and his dad were pretty stoked and Ruffers was good about it, although he just wanted to keep going!

There was a beautiful sunrise over Mt. Everts this morning when I got off the bus.  Pink streaked clouds against a luminous pale blue sky.  Still haven't heard any bugling elk, but maybe they'll get going today.

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