Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello? Is anyone out there?

Being 33 rocks.

Good things that have happened this year:

1. Christmas time at home with the family.
2. Surgery in February; left the hospital completely cleared and I've lost 70 pounds. I'm THIN!!!
3. Good, good, awesome friends who have supported me, watched Ruffers, taken me to the emergency room, and given me a beautiful gift card.
4. Family vacation at the ranch in June where there were no fires. Although I did wreck the bike 4 times.
5. A whole month at home in Texas when it wasn't Christmas. I got 7 bouquets of flowers.
6. I'm buying a house!!!!! In Livingston!!!!!

And I still have 3 more months of 33 left. What else is going to happen?


  1. Hearing you in Mississippi!! Yay for you!! I love love LOVE Livingston! Have spent alot of time there. One of my best friends has a house on W Geyser St. Mayors Landing is a good little place to let your dogs run, Dale at Timber Trails is the go-to guy for anything outdoors, and Bob-a-Lou's is the best second hand store!! I wish I could afford a second house...that would be were it would be! Even a travel trailer on a back alley would do! Let me know if you see something like that:) Good luck!

  2. I have family on W. Geyser! What a small world! Here's my recommendation for you--you must eat at Mark's Beefburger the next time you visit. It's been a Livingston tradition for over half a century. (And I agree about Bob and Lou's--I've bought and sold a LOT of stuff there over the years!)